Testimonies from the Geranium Festival

Take a look at the stories from others in the Geranium Festival!

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 “We are so proud to be a part of such a wonderful community event each year!
We look forward to participating each year,  not only is it a tradition, it is almost like a reunion of sorts.
The Lions club does a wonderful job putting this festival together, and we wouldn’t miss it!”
Jake Carter

Southern Belle Farms


“Always look forward to it.     I know I can get a broom!”
Donna Williams Thomas


“The Geranium Festival is SUCH a local family vacation.  There is something for everyone!!”
Jea Gackowski

“Look forward to going each year.   The crafts are great!  Always eat lunch.”
Velma Carson Thomas


“Best Festival Around!”
Anne M. Corish Colvin


“The Geranium Festival is so exciting!   From the many talented artists with their
unique crafts to the food that fills the air with enticing aromas”
Liz Haley


“The Geranium Festival is an annual tradition for our family that we have kept up
for 27 years!     Besides all the amazing arts & crafts, it’s like a Henry County
reunion, seeing old friends and familiar faces briefly catching up before moving
on in search of our next treasure!”
Erin Hensley