Meet the Lions

The Geranium Festival is Sponsored by the McDonough Lions Club

The McDonough Lions Club touches all of Henry County and around the world!

Meet the Lions


Meet the Lions

The McDonough Lions Club would like to welcome you to the 39th Annual Geranium Festival.        The McDonough Lions Club has been serving Henry County and beyond since 1954 while Lions International has been touching lives since 1917.       The Lions Club is the largest service club organization in the world.           As you meet the Lions, we would like to share some things you would want to know.


Who are the Lions?

Learn more about the Lions and who they are!


Drop off Locations for Eyeglasses!

Lions are passionate about vision issues and helping people to see
and deal with vision issues.   Learn more……


Brooms and Mops on sale by the Lions

The McDonough Lions Club will have brooms and mops on sale at the Geranium Festival.
Don’t miss this opportunity to replace your old and worn broom or mop.  Learn more….


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