Festival Maps

Maps showing vendor space numbers throughout the Geranium Festival

Festival Maps

Festival Maps

A Look at Festival Maps in Downtown, McDonough, Georgia

(Sites located on our site maps are subject to change.   There may be a
variation to the sites displayed on the map)

McDonough Square

The McDonough Square is at the heart of the Geranium Festival.
Sections A, B,C, and D are inside the square.
Sections H, I, E, F, and G surround the square.

View any of the space sites for the McDonough Square the following link:



Sections J and HH

Section J is located on John Frank Ward Blvd.
Approx 84 spaces are located in Section J and this is a
very popular street in the festival.

Section J includes mostly Arts & Craft spaces however
there will be limited food sites along the path.

Section HH is location on Hazlehurst Street.
It includes both Arts & Craft sites and also some
Community Business Sites.

View the spaces for section J at the following link:




Section K

Section K is located along Keys Ferry Rd. and our Community
Business sites are located there.
The Community Business sites cannot sell, but provide valuable
information from businesses, churches, schools, and other companies.



Section L

Section L is located along Macon St. and is alongside the
old Courthouse.   Both food and Arts & Craft exhibits are located there.



Section M

Section M is located on Macon Street and has many
of our Food vendors.



Section N

Section N is located in the parking lot at the corner of Keys Ferry Rd.
and Griffin St.    You will find Arts & Craft vendors as well as some food vendors.



Section O

Section O is located in the driveway next to the Judicial Center.
Enter section O from John Frank Ward Blvd.
Mostly Arts & Craft exhibitors are located there.